Picture Of Johann Daniel Weyer
Johann Daniel Weyer
Course Hours 16 May 2024

Data Management for Non-Data Managers

Picture Of Gadi Shtepel
Gadi Shtepel
Course Hours 08 July 2024

Clean Room Control, Validation & Monitoring for Medical Devices

Picture Of Gadi Shtepel
Gadi Shtepel
Course Hours 27 June 2024

Manufacturing Process Validation for Medical Devices

Picture Of Nebojsa Serafimovic
Nebojsa Serafimovic
Course Time 29 Min

Competent Authority Update on Preparing for IVDR Clinical Performance Study Applications

Picture Of Maria Donawa
Maria Donawa
Course Time 29 Min

Aligning Clinical Investigations and Risk Management to Ensure MDR Compliance

Picture Of Robert Ginsberg
Robert Ginsberg
Course Time 27 Min

Software, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in the European Union

Picture Of Maurizio Suppo
Maurizio Suppo
Course Time 28 Min

Issues Arising from the Implementation of the IVD-Regulations

Picture Of Mindy Mc Caan
Mindy Mc Caan
Course Time 29 Min

Major Regulatory Compliance Challenges for the Non-European Industry

Picture Of Helene Quie
Helene Quie
Course Time 18 Min

Benefit Risk Assessment